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  Eco-activities and adventures in Siberia, Lake Baikal region and Mongolia  
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Photo adventures:

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"Baikal Seals" (Nerpa)

9 Days
Baikal Seals foto tour    

Fascinating travel to the mysterious world of the deepest lake on our planet Lake Baikal. Usually in the middle of spring the seals have their babies, which are called "Beliky", in Evenki language "Kumutkany". They have white color and often get on the ice surface of Baikal to enjoy the beams of warm spring sun...

Sagaalgan - New Year’s in the Eastern calendar

9 Days
Sagaalgan (from the Buryat language, meaning “White Month") is a holiday marking the beginning of the new year and the coming of spring. Sagalgaan is celebrated in February following the lunar calendar. The Buryat New Year is famous for its duration - the whole month people is spent visiting relatives and friends and being treated to traditional white milk foods...

The Far Side of Baikal Land

11 Days
Winter adventures across Lake Baikal    
We invite you on an exciting winter adventure across Baikal. The trip will allow you to discover fantastic beauty of Lake Baikal in winter. Moreover this tour will take you to places where ancient hunters lived. They are Evenky-hunters traditionally occupying the north part of Buryat Republic...

Jeep expeditions:

Discover Baikal in winter

11 Days
Baikal in winter

Fascinating travel to the mysterious world of the deepest lake on the earth Lake Baikal is waiting for you. You will see fantastic heaps of the blue ice and hot mineral springs, unique nature sanctuaries and beautiful landscapes of the Sacred Nose peninsula. You will visit the picturesque places...


Climb mount Munku-Sardyk (3,491 m)

7 Days
 Climb mount Munku-Sardyk   
There are best opportunities for mountaineering in Baikal region. There are huge mountains in a shape of a dense ring around Baikal. Numerous mountain ranges and passes make mountaineering very popular among tourists. We invite whose who loves high-mountainous landscapes and wants to feel fascinating spirit of mountain obstacles` overcoming to climb....


Hiking in winter

 Hiking tours   
It is also possible to organize a great hiking adventure in winter. The mountains of the Baikal region and endless ice surface of the Lake are one of the most interesting places to be explored by foot. During winter journey in mountains it is necessary ...

Ethnographic adventures:

The Baikal village

4 Days
 Baikal village   
Some people say the Siberian hour is equal European two. It is far away from cities on the shore of the huge lake Baikal in Siberian taiga where air is crystal-clear and water in the well is incredibly cold and tasty the life in Baikal village goes measurably and slowly. You will spend a few days...

Acquaintance to Old-Believers of Buryatia

1 Day
Oldbelievers of Baikal    
We invite you to visit semeyskyu village called Bol`shoy Kunaley which is located 70 km from Ulan-Ude city. You will get acquainted with the history and culture of "semeyskie " of Transbaikalia. You will hear ancient folklore and songs and will play in traditional games. After lunch you will have an excursion around...

Acquaintance to Buryat village

1 Day

Buryats of lake Baikal

We invite you to visit Buryat village, which is located 35 km from Ulan-Ude city. You will see the Buryat Transbaikalian manor and traditional Buryat yurts. Then you will get acquainted with Buryat folklore culture, traditions and old ceremonies. In Buryat yurt you will try traditional Buryat dishes....














































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