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  Eco-activities and adventures in Siberia, Lake Baikal region and Mongolia  
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Map of tour to Baikal Lake
Tour information: 

Best season: June-August.

Travel Options:
Horse tour. For travel on horseback and transportation of cargo on you horse. It is possible to rent packhorses.

If you would like to participate in this trip, you should have horseback riding experience. Our trip is conducted in in remote and uninhabited areas of the high, mountainous Siberian forest. You should be prepared for rapid weather changes, have good endurance, and of course be ready to live in wild nature.

"Horse riding adventure to the Far Side of Baikal Land"

We invite you to take a fascinating horse riding trip to one of the most beautiful region of Lake Baikal on the north of Barguzin valley. You will get acquainted with the history and culture, customs and way of living of local peoples. The trip will allow you to discover fantastic beauty of the Barguzin valley and Dzherginsky Nature Reserve.

Horse riding tours at Lake BaikalMoreover, this tour will take you to places where ancient hunters lived - the Evenkhunters, who traditionally have lived in the northern part of the Buryat Republic.
You will have an opportunity to take hot mineral springs, which are very famous for their curative properties. The untouched and pristine beauty of nature and the crystal clear lakes of glacial hollow will give you impressions and memories for a lifetime.

Photo tour to Baikal Lake


Tour programme:

1st Day. Arrival to Ulan Ude. After breakfast at hotel a guided tour of the city. Visit to the History Museum. Afternoon excursion to the Ivolginsky Datsan, the most important Buddhist temple in Russia. (40 km from Ulan-Ude). Lunch at the local traditional restaurant. Return to Ulan Ude and overnight at the hotel in Ulan Ude.

2nd Day. All day transfer to the starting point of the route Umkhey village. With stop for lunch in the village of Ust-Barguzin. Accommodation in tents of the checkpoint of Dzherginsky Nature Reserve. (about 520 km from Ulan Ude).

3rd Day. Meet horses & preparation. Start horse riding on the territory of the Dzherginsky Nature Reserve from the checkpoint of Dzherginsky Nature Reserve to the beautiful lake called aquarium. Accommodation at tents camp near to the river Shergikhan (about 15 km).

Horse riding travel at Baikal  lake4th - 5th Days. We continue our ride to river Urgon through the valleys of three rivers Biranhur, Kovyli. (By old mounting road Tazy - Uoyan and the hunter trail) Overnight in original taiga lodging and in tents near the river Kovyli. Cooking on the campfire.

6th Day. Continue riding along the river Urgon to the mountain lake Balan-tamur (19 km). While riding you will observe beautiful natural sights including beautiful waterfall, lake Malan-Zurkhen and the heart of the reserve sacred relic hollow of glacial lakes. Overnight in hunting lodging and in tents near the lake.

7th Day. At leisure on lake with opportunities to fish and discovering the surroundings followed by visits the ancient sacred place Boolon-Tamur. According to your desire we can trek the Alpine lake with visiting a place of a panoramic view of the relic glacial hollow Amutskay.

8th Day. Horse riding to the biggest mountain lake of the hollow lake Amut (12 km). and return by other way to the lake Balan-tamur for overnight.

Wild deers at Baikal Taiga 9th-11th Days. Back horse riding to the river Biranhur. Drive back to the Umkhey mineral resort.

12th Day. Drive from Umkhey mineral resort to the Holy Nose Peninsula (300 km). Overnight in tents in a picturesque place called Glinka located on the isthmus of the Holy Nose Peninsula.

13th Day. Motor boat excursion at the hot springs at Zmeinaya bay (4-5 hours). At leisure on the isthmus near the lake with opportunities to fish, to swim in Baikal. Transfer to Ust-Barguzin village. Overnight in homestay, Russian banya.

14th Day. After breakfast, departure for Ulan Ude (260 km). Lunch en route. Accommodation at the Hotel Buryatia/Geser. Free time to get acquainted with the capital of Buryat Republic.

15th Day. After breakfast visit the Ethnographic Museum and see collections of traditional dwellings, clothes and furnishings of all ethnic groups of the region. Visit to the Old Believers' village (a Russian religious group that split off from the Russian Orthodox Church in the seventeenth century) and introduction to the original folklore and cuisine of the Old Believers. Return to Ulan Ude for final dinner at restaurant and overnight at the hotel in Ulan Ude.

16th Day. Transfer to airport for departure after breakfast.

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