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  Eco-activities and adventures in Siberia, Lake Baikal region and Mongolia  
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Baikal-Mongolia route map
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Best season: June - September.

Baikal-Mongolia .

Terelj National ParkWe invite you to take a fascinating trip to Lake Baikal and Mongolia. You will spend a few days on the fantastic shores of the most beautiful bay on Baikal – Chivyrkuisky. The deepest point of the Chivyrkuisky Bay are not more than 10 meters. Because of its shallowness, the water in the summer can reach up 19C to 22C , making swimming in crystal clear water of the largest lake in the World very pleasant. Excellent fishing opportunities, visiting thermal mineral springs and rookery of the unique Baikal seals, and relaxating on the beautiful sand beaches will stay in your memory for a lifetime. You will continue your journey from Baikal to Mongolia. Mongolia is a wonderful country with ancient traditions and tradionally nomadic way of life. You will visit the capital of Mongolia – Ulan Bator– and will see the first ancient capital of the Mongolians – Karakorum (300 km from Ulan Bator). Moreover you will observe one of the most picturesque national parks of Mongolia – the Terelj National Park.

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Tour programme:

1st Day. Arrival in Ulan Ude. Transfer to Hotel Buryatia/Geser. According to arrival time, refreshment followed by guided city tour with visits to the History Museum. Lunch at the local restaurant. Afternoon excursion to the Ivolginsky Datsan, the most important Buddhist temple in Russia. (30 km from Ulan Ude). Dinner and free time.
2nd Day. After breakfast departure for Monakhovo Cape (part of the Zabaikalsky National Park and the Svyatoy Nos Peninsula) 8-10 hrs drive. Picnic lunch en route. In Monakhovo Cape we board a motorboat and sail towards the Zmeinaya Bay (1 hr). Accommodation and overnight on the floating hotel.
3rd Day. Leisure time in Zmeinaya Bay with opportunities to try the mineral baths, to swim in Lake Baikal, ride pedals (paddleboats) or to fish.
4th Day. Excursion to the Ushkany Islands by motorboat to the home of the nerpa seals (8-10 hours). On the return journey, observe the rocky islands in Chivyrkuisky Bay. Overnight on the floating hotel.

Gandan monastery Ulan-Bator5th Day. After breakfast, return to Monakhovo by motorboat. Departure for Ulan Ude (270 km) by bus. Lunch en route. Accommodation at the Hotel Buryatia/Geser. Dinner.
6th Day. After breakfast, departure by bus from Ulan Ude to the border with Mongolia at Kyakhta (230 km). Lunch en route. Crossing of border. Drive to the capital of Mongolia - Ulan Bator. Accommodation at hotel. Traditional Mongolian dinner.
7th Day. After breakfast guided city tour with visits to the Mongolian History Museum. Excursion to the Nature Museum. Lunch at the local restaurant. Afternoon excursion to the largest Buddhist temple in Mongolia, the Gandan. Dinner at a restaurant with traditional Mongoliancuisine. Free time.
8th Day. After breakfast, departure by bus from Ulan Bator to the Khogno-Khan National Park (about 300 km.). Accommodation in traditional Mongolian yurts. Excursion to ruins of the ancient Khogno-Khan monastery. Dinner.
9th Day. After breakfast, bus excursion to Mongolia’s ancient capital, Karakorum (about 60 km.). Visit to the first Buddhist monastery in Mongolia, Erdene Zuu. Return to yurt camp in Khogno-Khan National Park. Dinner.
Turtile rock10th Day. After breakfast, departure by bus to Terelj National Park (about 370 km). Lunch en route. Accommodation in traditional Mongolian yurts. Excursion to the historical Turtle Rock site. Visit to the dinosaurs’ park. Dinner.
11th Day. After breakfast, take a horse ride trip across Terelj National Park. Observe beautiful natural sights. Lunch. Departure to Ulan Bator (about 70 km.) Accommodation at the Hotel. Traditional Mongolian dinner.
12th Day. Free time to explore and go souvenir shopping. Final dinner at the local restaurant.
13th Day.
Transfer to airport for departure after breakfast.

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